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What about?

The Podcast - Do You Even Nature?

Do You Even Nature is a podcast exploring the tricky relationship between people and the environment. It was started by LUMES students Cecilia Jaques, Georgia Verkuylen, Tim Bauer and Judith Petra Mühlbacher as part of their Knowledge to Action-project. We take the opportunity to ask Georgia Verkuylen about what they would lilke to achieve with it - and the background to the podast idea!

Do You Even Nature


Tell us about the podcast?

Our idea is to investigate the relationship between humans and the environment. The purpose is to contribute to a larger process of cultural change in which individuals reassess and reorient beliefs and behaviours that constitute unsustainable practices. We have two episodes out currently, Great First Plant, where the host discusses keeping plants in the house with a guest. The second episode dives into the Zoos, visits to two different Zoos and then the second half of the episode the project team discusses the future of Zoos.

Why did you choose this medium?

We had all wanted to explore podcasting and research revealed that story telling through audio is a effective means of self reflexive transformation. It's a really fun medium to work with! 

What would you like to achieve?

We hope listeners will reflect on their own relationships with nature and perhaps reveal some problems that we all have with how we perceive nature. For the group we definitely had to be aware of how we perpetuated our own 'cultures of unsustainability' and recognise that we are co-learners throughout this process.

How would you like to develop the podcast idea?

We really enjoyed making the podcast and having established a theoretical basis upon which the first four episodes are grounded upon, we aim to launch off into exploring more ideas and unpacking this topic further. 

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