LUCSUS researchers analyse how billions of EU farming funding subsidies are being spent

Harvesting of agricultural field. Photo: Unsplash.
The researchers have created a unique database that maps the geographical location and purpose of CAP payments for the first time. Photo: Unsplash.

Murray Scown and Kimberly Nicholas, researchers at LUCSUS, have analysed in detail how EU agricultural subsidies flow down to the local level. The new data show that most income support payments go to intensively farmed regions already above median EU income, while climate-friendly and biodiverse farming regions, as well as poorer regions, are insufficiently funded. Consequently, the majority of payments are going to the regions causing the most environmental damage and the farmers in the least need of income support.

The research was conducted in collaboration with Mark Brady, an economist from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Lund University.

Read a news article about the study at Lund University's webpage.

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