New Report from the Skåne Local Interaction Platform of the Mistra Urban Futures Project

Coloured flower pots on a street. Photo.

The consolidation report from the Skåne Local Interaction Platform (SKLIP) of the Mistra Urban Futures project has now been released. The report describes four years of transdisciplinary urban sustainability research by the platform partners Lund University, Malmö University, SLU Alnarp and the Municipality of Malmö and looks to the future of collaborative research for sustainable urban development in Skåne.

The report outlines the structure of the platform, the broader Mistra Urban Futures Project (2009-2019), as well as the three expert panels, the four international comparative projects, and five local projects supported by the SKLIP and Mistra Urban Futures.

Importantly, the report explores a post-2019 focus and structure for regional collaborative sustainability research, focusing on a stronger action-orientation for transdisciplinary research, a simplified project funding model, and a broadened platform network including, e.g., additional governmental bodies, interest organizations, and private enterprises.

An upcoming platform event will be a final online SKLIP panel to take place September in collaboration with a Tillsammans 2030 event.

Read the full report here (PDF)

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About the report

The report is directed to a broad audience interested in urban sustainability issues and research. The report is prepared by LUCSUS staff, Barry Ness and Ulrike Krantz.