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Chad Boda

Post-doctoral Fellow and Teacher


Chad Boda is a post-doctoral research fellow and teacher at LUCSUS, as well as an affiliate of the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies. He holds a Ph.D in Sustainability Science from Lund University, as well as a master's in environmental studies from Lund University, and a bachelor's in geography and urban and regional planning from Florida State University. 


My research focuses on a variety of issues under the broad topic of Sustainable Development. As a sustainability scientist, I work interdisciplinarily and combine conservation sciences, political economy and social movement studies to understand and identify solutions to sustainable development problems in the Global North and South. I am currently working on a four year project investigating concepts, metrics and policies related to the disproportionate impacts of climate change extreme events (DICE), involving collaboration with research institutes in the USA and Bangladesh. I am also working on a year long seed-grant aimed at building research capacity on farmer organization, mobilization and political opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, I am currently coordinating an advanced study group at the Lund University Pufendorf Institute of Advanced Studies named Civil Society and Sustainability Studies (CIVICSUS) which is exploring the question "How can scientific knowledge of sustainability contribute to social movements for sustainability?".


Beyond my research I also teach for a variety of courses for the Lund University International Master’s Program in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science (LUMES), including:

  • MESS31- Earth System Science
  • MESS32- Social Theory and Sustainability
  • MESS33- Sustainability Science
  • MESS34- Governance and Sustainability
  • MESS35- Urban and Rural Systems and Sustainability
  • MESS36- Economy and Sustainability; Lead coordinator
  • MESS50- Deciphering Landscape; Lead coordinator; elective course.

As well as other Lund University Departments:

  • SGEL49 - Sustainable development from a global, regional and local perspective; Undergraduate course, KEG, LU
  • SIMP 35 - Theories and Issues in Development; Graduate School, Faculty of Social Science, LU


I work with a variety of organizations outside of LUCSUS. Some of the latest or ongoing activities include:


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Postdoctoral fellow

LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies)

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Josephson, Biskopsgatan 5, Lund



Chad Boda is a recent PhD and Sustainability Scientist with a passion for researching and teaching on issues of environmental conservation and sustainable development. His PhD focused on the possibilities and constraints around sustainable coastal development in Florida, and his current interests span a wide spectrum from the philosophy of science and methodology to action-oriented and collaborative case study research.

P.O. Box 170, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)46- 222 80 81
info [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se