Research projects

Current and recent research projects at LUCSUS

Activating transformation: Meeting the climate crisis inside-out

‘Alternative facts’: a long-term analysis of the impact of myth on American environmental policy
Arts-based Sustainability Research for the Sustainable Development Goals (Arts4SDGs)

Building Inclusive Urban Communities

Chasing carbon: Connecting the multiple ontologies of forestry-based carbon offsetting

City-to-City learning lab

Contemplative Sustainable Futures

Development and adoption of multifunctional perennial farming systems - towards increased sustainability and resilience

Developing national and local risk reduction and resilience strategies

DICE: Recasting the disproportionate impacts of climate change extremes 

Everyday forms of resistance to state adaptation regulation: An ethnographic study of responses in informal settlements

Ecological citizen and right to the city movements in Europe

FATHUM: Forecasts for Anticipatory HUManitarian action

Global Attribution Models, Mediation and Mobilisation in Sweden and Spain (GAMES)


Inclusive Resilience-Building to Floods in Informal Settlements


Land is Life

LOVE: What's love got to do with it? SDGs, gendered power, and place attachment

MigrAtion Governance and AsYlum Crises (MAGYC)

Minnet är kort. Lantbrukares upplevelse av torkan 2018

Migration, Transformation and Sustainability (MISTY)

Mobilization for the SDGs
Multifunctional perennial farming systems

NATURVATION – NATure-based Urban innoVATION

Narrating Climate Futures

Negative emissions and the politics of a projected future

PAPAYA - Policy for Equity in African Agriculture

Pest management and environmental justice in a changing climate – the case of Uganda

Politics of Land 

Rivers of Commons: A sustainability study on hydropower development in Nepal

Silent Forests – Defaunation as the missing piece in forest governance

SUSTAIN – Sustainable Sanitation in Theory and Action


Sustainable Urban Transformation for Climate Change Adaptation 

Sustainable Energy: Exploring the sustainability of the community-run hydro-power development in Nepal

The takeoff of Staying on the Ground

T-GroUP: Experimenting with practical transition groundwater management strategies for the urban poor in Sub Saharan Africa


Understanding Subsistence Agriculture in search of social innovations for food security