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Sustainable Coastal Planning and Management

Climate Adaptation, Risk Reduction and Empowerment


Funding organisations
Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability (LUCID)
The Swedish Research Council Formas
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Since 2015

Chad Boda
Christine Wamsler
David O’Byrne,
Ebba Brink
Stephen Woroniecki

Coastal cities are increasingly exposed to specific problems for sustainability which are not found anywhere else.  The interface between land and water is among the most ecologically productive areas on earth and, at the same time, is most densely populated. This combination of high ecological value and concentration of human inhabitants means that coastal habitats provide a significant portion of the ecosystems goods and services used by society, such as food and hazard protection. Coastal cities are, however, also among the most vulnerable places on earth due to both human manipulations (such as urbanization) and ongoing global environmental changes (such as climate change). As a result, many millions of people are going to live increasingly at risk. Against this background, researchers at LUCSUS look into how society can continue to live sustainably along the coast in an age of increasing floods, sea level rise, storm intensity and growing global inequality.

Research themes and projects
Different research themes and projects are linked under the Sustainable Coastal Planning and Management Program. These include:

News: Project-related publications and outreach

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