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Sara Brogaard

Sara Brogaard

Senior Lecturer

Sara Brogaard

Plan for Using and Dissemination of Knowledge, D0.3.1, SEAMLESS integrated project


  • Johanna Alkan Olsson
  • Sara Brogaard
  • Jerome Queste
  • Brower Floor

Summary, in English

The SEAMLESS project has high ambitions both concerning its scientific goals and its aim to create an impact assessment tool that can be useful in future policy making in the agrienvironmental area. Interaction between researchers and the society therefore is a crucial component of the project. In the last phase of the SEAMLESS project the dissemination of knowledge produced in the project becomes particularly important.

The general objective of this Deliverable is to present the aim, topic, form, timing and responsible persons of different dissemination activities, aiming at assembling information from the policy community and at enhancing the use and dissemination of knowledge produced by the SEAMLESS project. The report covers the following main themes:

• Interaction with the policy community where we separate between interactions with the User forum, targeted meetings with specialists, National Ministries and regional authorities, European Organisations as well as other users, such as Farmers organisations.

• Interactions with the scientific community where we outline the SEAMLESS contributions to conferences, SEAMLESS related publications and the final Symposium that the project will organise at the end of the project.

• Cooperation with other projects and how it can be strengthened during the last phase

of the project.

• Communication tools implemented by the project such as the SEAMLESS portal and website, the Newsletters as well as other means of communication.


  • LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies)

Publishing year




Document type

Working paper


  • Social Sciences Interdisciplinary


  • scientific community
  • communication
  • cooperation
  • dissemination
  • policy community
  • agrienvironmental area




  • System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society