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Bridging the gap between Nature and Society


Another LUCSUS thesis is finished
Maryam Nastar - Navigating Trouble Waters


Sandra Valencia, a PhD student at LUCSUS,
visited a high school in Brazil.


Lennart Olsson, one of the lead authors of the newly released IPCC report, discusses “The politics of climate science” on the Swedish Radio P1

Listen to the programme »


LUCSUS is well represented at the conference of
the American Association of Geographers (AAG)
in Tempe, Florida, 8-12 April


Forest Conservation, Agroforestry and Livelihoods

June 10, 2014 »


“A Pathway out of Poverty?”
Improving rural livelihoods in Africa through the diffusion of sustainable innovations

The film presents a market-based initiative to promote sustainable development through the introduction of simple technologies.
More info about the project »


“Rivers and Struggles”

What happens to rural life and to the rights of people and nature when parts of a river system are privatized? Who owns the water?
This film based on Mine Islar’s PhD research project, asks these questions and explores the flowing politics of renewable energy in the villages of Turkey. More info about Mine’s thesis »


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