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Climate Change & Resilience

Our world is facing serious societal and environmental challenges due to climate change. Research on mitigation, adaptation and loss and damage (resilience) is needed to tackle these complex challenges. Exploring and identifying new questions on the linkages between sustainability transformations and climate change are also of key importance.

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At LUCSUS, we have a long-standing focus on adressing the societal dimensions of climate change, such as food security, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and transformation of energy and urban and rural land use systems. We adress these dimensions from the perspectives of poverty, inequality, gender, governance, consumption patterns, economy, justice and responsibility. 

Through a variety of projects, on both a local and global level, our researchers examine drivers of environmental change. For example, impacts on and engagement by governmental and non-governmental actors, how change is happening: at which scale, who does it affect, and who directs change? 

At LUCSUS, we drill into issues of values beliefs and needs that underpins responses to climate change, issues of justice and responsibility, and forms of adaptive and anticipatory governance in decision-making. 

Keywords: mitigation, adaptation, loss and damages, resilience, justice, governance, food security, energy

Current and recently finished projects

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The four lifestyle choices that most reduce your carbon footprint

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Selected news articles and VIDEOS

The four lifestyle choices that most reduce your carbon footprint (press release)

Kimberly Nicholas research illustration 2017

A study By Kimberly Nicholas has identified the four actions that would have the greatest impact on an individual’s greenhouse gas emissions: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living car free, and having fewer children.

Publication: The climate mitigation gap: education and government recommendations miss the most effective individual actions

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