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DevRes 2024

Development Research Conference, Lund University, 21-23 October 2024

DevRes is a bi-annual conference gathering Swedish development and sustainability researchers from different academic disciplines to exchange ideas and network as well as promote collaboration with practitioners, organizations and policy makers.
DevRes 2024 is hosted by Lund University and the conference theme this year is “Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in a polarized world”.

Growing polarization worldwide impedes our collective pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. War in Ukraine and Gaza, alongside the pandemic fallout, has shifted global power dynamics, diverting attention from international development cooperation. These conflicts, compounded by economic strains and climate challenges, disproportionately affect the Global South. Urgent action is needed, including a green transition, to address these issues. However, this transition risks exploiting vulnerable regions and exacerbating conflicts of interest, particularly in international development cooperation. Swedish research focusing on least developed and lower middle-income countries plays a crucial role in understanding and addressing these challenges. Interdisciplinary approaches can illuminate how conflicts of objectives hinder sustainable development, emphasizing the role of research in advancing Agenda 2030.

At DevRes 2024 we particularly welcome work relating to inter- and multidisciplinary projects or approaches, and hope that the conference will gather attendees reflecting the diversity of development research that Sweden is engaged in.

Call for Abstracts

Prospective DevRes 2024 participants can contribute to the conference theme by submitting abstracts to three different types of sessions :  

  1. Research Papers 
  2. Interactive World Café 
  3. Impact Stories 


DevRes 2024 will be hosted by Lund University

Conference themes and objectives


DevRes2024 [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se



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Conference registration will open June 1st 2024