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A place for research, education and collaboration on sustainability
Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) is a leading interdisciplinary research centre established at Lund University in 2005. LUCSUS has a unique way of addressing complex sustainability issues from a critical and an integrated natural and social science perspective, and with a solutions-based approach.

At LUCSUS we  look at  social change and transformations in relation to material limits in the biosphere. We aim to produce critical world class sustainability research, teaching and impact that contribute to solving global environmental change challenges.


LUCSUS' research addresses complex sustainability challenges with a critical perspective and a solutions-based approach. Our research projects focus on sustainability challenges such as water conflicts, food security, land use changes and urban transformation - and is often conducted in international cooperation. At LUCSUS, we strive to catalyse change, on both a local and a global level, for a more sustainable society and future.

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LUCSUS offers a 2-year international Masters programme in Environmental Studies and Sustianbility Science (LUMES), focusing on important sustainability challenges. Since its start in 1997, more than 800 students from more than 100 different countries have graduated from the programme.

Read more about the lUMES programme on the LUMES webpage

LUCSUS host a PhD research programme with PhD graduates from different disciplinary backrounds within the field of sustainability. The research undertaken by the PhD candidates is diverse,  often focusing on comprehending and addressing sustainability challenges such as climate change, climate adaptation, biodiversity loss, and land use change.

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At LUCSUS we provide our students with a vibrant learning environment and a forum for professional development in sustainability.

Outreach and impact

LUCSUS runs an extensive outreach and impact activities programme - to advance the societal dialogue on sustainability. Through this programme, we communicate our research to society - in close collaboration with stakeholders, governments and non-governmental organisations.

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Leadership at LUCSUS

LUCSUS is lead by professor Emily Boyd, who took over the leadership from the former director and founder of LUCSUS, Lennart Olsson in 2016.

Interview about the leadership of lUCSUS with Emily Boyd

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One world, one future, LUMES sustainability professionals meet again for the LUMES alumni conference. Photo: Håkan Röjder.
Page Manager:

"We believe that sustainability is a complex field – and best understood and explained through interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with society."

/ Emily Boyd, director

LUCSUS' Mission

Our Environment Is:
- Open, Collaborative, and Empowering

Our Perspectives Are:
- Bold, Creative, and Challenging

We Strive To:
- Bridge Boundaries,
  Illuminate Possibilities,
  and Catalyse Change

We Act With:
- Integrity, Hope, and Joy


Meet the LUCSUS Staff

LUCSUS staff

Visit us

You find us on Biskopsgatan 5,
in the buildings Wrangel and Josephson.



P.O. Box 170, SE-222 70 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)46- 222 80 81
info [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se