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Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

Biological diversity is a cornerstone of healthy and functioning ecosystems and ultimately also of human well-being and survival. Biodiversity is steadily lost due to increasing deforestation, land conversion, pollution, climate change and invasive species. LUCSUS research on forest management, ecosystem services, Indigenous’ knowledge, genetic resources, nature conservation and human-nature relationships aims to contribute towards sustainable conservation and tackle biodiversity loss.

Illustration of biodiversity theme. Illustration: Catrin Jakobsson.

We study societal and natural dimensions of biodiversity loss, its drivers and impacts, and interlinked challenges of climate change, land use, energy systems and habitat loss. We address these issues with a focus on nature’s contribution to people and people’s value of nature, and explore questions related to power, marginalization, and politics.

 “At the heart of our research lies the importance of highlighting the changing nature of human-nature relationships.”

Keywords: biodiversity protection, wildlife, genetic resources, ecosystem services, hunting, tropical forests, forest management, political ecology, natural resources.


Torsten Krause


Torsten Krause

Email: torsten [dot] krause [at] LUCSUS [dot] lu [dot] se