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Climate Change and Resilience

The effects of climate change are being felt across every region of the world with severe consequences for people, nature and livelihoods. LUCSUS research aims to tackle these changes by identifying strategies for mitigation, adaptation and resilience, and explores multiple drivers and impacts of climate change. Our research also focuses on individual, collective, and political action to address climate change.

Illustration of climate demonstrations for LUCSUS climate theme. Illustration: Catrin Jakobsson.

We focus on the societal dimension of climate change, exploring questions relating to whom is affected, where, how, and at what scale? What political and individual actions are needed to reduce emissions, and who is responsible? We study topics such as mitigation, adaptation, negative emissions, loss and damage, migration, social movements and collective action. We address these issues from the perspectives of governance, vulnerability, intersectionality, and justice/equity.

We also explore pathways for sustainable transformations, and new emerging areas related to inner dimensions of sustainability, including values, beliefs, worldviews and inner capacities.

Keywords: Climate change impacts, mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, climate action, negative emissions, carbon dioxide removal, inner transformations, migration, social movements, climate governance, degrowth, political ecology, extreme weather events, disaster risk reduction.


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Emily Boyd, Director of LUCSUS. Photo: Emily Boyd.


Emily Boyd

Email: emily [dot] boyd [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se