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Conference on loss and damage receives Formas grant


LUCSUS Director Emily Boyd has received a grant from Formas to organise an international conference on loss and damage in spring/summer 2019.

The planned 2,5 conference will be hosted at LUCSUS and bring together leading scientists from across sustainability, ecology and climate science under a framework of loss and damage to examine definitions of extreme climate related events from a climate change, sustainability and ecological perspective. Questions to discuss will centre on the institutional requirements needed to prevent, minimise or otherwise manage loss and damage to social-ecological systems associated with the adverse effects of climate change.

– The need for more knowledge about loss and damage arising from climate change has been recognised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. However, many scientists working on related issues have limited awareness of this process or that their research could be highly relevant and useful, says Emily Boyd, Director at LUCSUS.

– There is an important role to be played by interdisciplinary science in defining, measuring and providing tools to govern the losses and damages that will incur from climate change. We want to nuance the alarmist discourse and provide an overview of the understandings, limitations, and options going forward to address these issues.

The conference will be organised by LUCSUS in collaboration with the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC) Lund University, Environmental Change Unit (ECI) Oxford University and Met Office UK.

About the researcher

Emily Boyd is Director of Lund University Centre for Sustainaibility Studies and Professor in Sustainability Science. She is a leading social scientist with a background in international development, environment and climate change, with focus on the interdisciplinary nexus of poverty, livelihoods and resilience in relation to global environmental change. Emily Boyd is currently leading work on undesirable resilience, politics of loss and damage and intersectionality in societal transitions, including on transformations under climate change. 

Emily Boyd  is an author for the IPCC, IPBES, and UKCCRA and a Earth System Governance Senior Fellow. 

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