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LUCSUS seminars

Thursdays 11 am to 12 noon CET

The LUCSUS seminars is a research seminar series with researchers at LUCSUS as well as invited guests working with societal change and transformations for sustainability.

LUCSUS Seminar Series 2022. Illustration.

Theme Spring 2022: Connecting the Local and the Global

Issues ranging from climate change and pandemics to finance and digitalization often evoke notions of ‘the global’. Yet, though global, these processes are always grounded in the local; emerging from, having impact on, and transformed by concrete local contexts and experiences. Connecting the global with the local is central to LUCSUS research and teaching. With this seminar series we zoom in on the situated experiences, follow the connections, and tease out the relations that link local with the global.

The seminar series covers topics ranging from climate justice, activism, and decolonization, to governance, health, and digitalization.


27 January,  11 - 12 am
Climate induced hydrological impacts on Indigenous Peoples. A preliminary assessment of how the integration of Indigenous knowledge can facilitate adaptation and reduce vulnerability
Martina Angela Caretta, Dept of Human Geography,  Lund University

3 February, 11-12 am
Environmental Policy Instruments across Commodity Chains: Comparing multi-level governance for Biodiversity Protection and Climate Action in Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia
Torsten Krause & Barbara Schröter, LUCSUS

10 February, 11 - 12
Promoting transformational sustainable change: experiences and reflections from the Scanian craft beer sector
Barry Ness & Darin Wahl, LUCSUS

10 March, 11 - 12
Just Energy Transitions – reflections on a semi-failed workshop methodology
Henner Busch, LUCSUS

17 March, 11 - 12
Just transitions: Connecting the Local and the Global
Peter Newell, University of Sussex  

24 March, 11 - 12 
Climate change loss and damage in Australia: perceptions, root causes and the formation of (un)resilient subjects
Guy Jackson, LUCSUS

31 March, 11 - 12
Maladaptation and governing climate science in developing countries
Tim Forsyth, London School of Economics

21 April,  11 - 12  - CANCELLED -
Together We Green: How Communities Make Their Members Greener and More Satisfied with Life
Maria Toft, University of Copenhagen

28 April, 11 - 12
Global Health, Race and Neglected Spaces of Care: The Therapeutic Wandering of Diabetes Diagnosis in Guinea.
Veronica Gomez-Temesio, University of Geneva

5 May, 11 - 12 - CANCELLED -
Synergies between Science, Law and Activism in Climate Litigation: trends and gaps according to social movements and NGOs turning to the courts
Salvatore Paolo de Rosa and Mark Connaughton, LUCSUS

12 May,  11 - 12
LUCSUS meets LUCSUS: Digital Utopias
Diego Galafassi & Maja Essebo, LUCSUS

19 May, 11 - 12
Drought, war and rural livelihoods in Syria’s northeast: a spatiotemporal perspective
Lina Eklund, Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University

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About the seminars

The LUCSUS seminars are open for the public, held online or in-person. We aim for it to be an open, reflective and interdisciplinary academic forum for new ideas and research on sustainability. 

Thursdays from 11am to 12 noon.

Wrangel, Biskopsgatan 5, room 117 (for in-person seminars)
or online (zoom). To receive a link to the online seminars please go to the registration link for each seminar. 

Contact:  Inge-Merete Hougaard 
inge-merete [dot] hougaard [at] LUCSUS [dot] lu [dot] se