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LUCSUS seminars

Thursdays 11.00-12.00 CET

The LUCSUS seminars is a research seminar series with researchers at LUCSUS as well as invited guests working with societal change and transformations for sustainability.

Spring programme 2023 – Methods for Mobilization

For researchers engaging with complex sustainability problems and environmental justice, the line between researcher and participant in social mobilization can be fine and sometimes tricky to navigate. The call for transdisciplinarity is fundamental to LUCSUS research and encourages us to actively contribute to developing solutions to complex sustainability problems. This makes reflexivity and positionality key questions to think about. How do we engage with the issues we study? What methods can we use in translating our research into social action, and how do we navigate between roles as researchers, practitioners, and individuals?

For the 2022-2023 LUCSUS seminar series, we will hear from researchers who have engaged with sustainability issues on the ground and learn from their experiences of working across the researcher-activist gap.

19 January
Dilemmas emerging from methodological approaches to socio-environmental injustice along gold supply chains
Muriel Côte, Lund University

26 January
Synergies between Science, Law and Activism in Climate Litigation: trends and gaps according to social movements and NGOs turning to the courts
Salvatore Paolo de Rosa and Mark Connaughton, LUCSUS/Lund University

2 February
Findings of the latest IPBES Values assessment and discussion on biodiversity and multiple values
Mine Islar, Torsten Krause and Carlos Velez, LUCSUS/Lund University

16 February
Unruliness in Energy Frontiers: governing uncertainty and change
Andrea Nightingale, University of Oslo

2 March
Climate futures in Rio de Janeiro: Participatory methods for developing scenarios and visions of climate vulnerability and community-led adaptation
Bruna Medeiros, LUCSUS / University of Rio de Janeiro

16 March
Trying to be revolutionary: from living well within limits to realizing post-growth societies              
Julia Steinberger, University of Lausanne   
NOTE that the seminar will be online. See more info

30 March  **CANCELLED** 
Algorithmic resistance and ‘account therapy’ from the perspective of delivery drivers in Indonesia
Sunniva Sandbukt, University of Copenhagen

13 April
Resilience and Diversity in the Social Sciences: philosophical, methodological and ethical aspects
Henrik Thorén, Lund university

20 April
A critical ethnography of political activism: Challenges related to practical and theoretical closeness to the field.
Christina Hansen, Malmö University

27 April
The comfort of alignment: Visions of mining, steel and green industry futures.
Georgia de Leeuw, Lund University

4 May
Critical realism and the extended case method - an approach to normativity in movement research for sustainability
David Harnesk, LUCSUS/Lund University

11 May
Turning up the heat: Urban political ecology for a climate emergency
Maria Kaika, University of Amsterdam

18 May  **CANCELLED** 
How do you interact with other ontologies? Indigenous Cosmologies in the Colombian Amazon
Carlos Vélez, LUCSUS/Lund University

25 May
Transdisciplinarity Discussions / Carbon Farming
Elina Andersson and Emma Johansson, LUCSUS/LundUniversity

8 June
Just Tax: Exploring role of taxation for degrowth inspired futures from a perspective of fiscal anthropology

Mine islar, LUCSUS/Lund University

15 June
Developing narrative agency: creative and critical practices for transformative change
Alexandra Nikoleris, Lund University


 ** Postponed to fall semester**
Trends of Radicalisation and Diversification in the Climate Movement of the Global North: Some Preliminary Reflections
Andreas Malm

About the seminars

The LUCSUS seminars are open for the public. We aim for it to be an open, reflective and interdisciplinary academic forum for new ideas and research on sustainability. 

Thursdays 11.00-12.00

Wrangel, Biskopsgatan 5, room 117

Contact:  Jonas Allesson, jonas [dot] allesson [at] LUCSUS [dot] lu [dot] se