Climate Change and Society


Climate change has become one of the defining social and environmental challenges of our time. In light of the public and political attention that the issue has gained, the need for informed and critical perspectives on this important topic is more urgent than ever.

The course provides an interdisciplinary and state-of-the-art perspective on climate change with a particular emphasis on its social, economic, political and cultural dimensions. As a student you will receive a close understanding of the intertwined social and biophysical dynamics of both drivers and impacts of climate change, and of the different solutions that are being proposed.

The course is structured around four key themes:

  1. Drivers and dynamics of climate change
  2. Politics and economics of reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Adaptation and loss and damage
  4. Social narratives and imaginaries about climate change by different actor groups

The course also pursues a number of cross-cutting themes, for example on the unequal dimensions to both climate change responsibility and vulnerability, and a focus on questions of power for understanding the obstacles to, and opportunities for, climate action.

Literature list

Literature list, established 2020-06-11 PDF (517 kB)

Who Can Apply and Application

The course is open for everyone, students as well as practitioners. You do not need to be enrolled in a programme or have a degree from a certain academic field. Note that it’s a fulltime course that requires the student to be on campus.

Read more about entry requirements and how to apply at 

About the course

Course name: Climate Change and Society (Klimat och samhälle) MESS62

Credits: 15 credits, on campus, full time, free standing

Course period: Autumn semester. 

Course language: English


Amanda Elgh
Student Coordinator
amanda [dot] elgh [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se 
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