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Doctoral positions now open for the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University

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Apply for doctoral positions in social resilience for the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at Lund University. Applicants can choose Sustainability sciences as their subject area - and come work at LUCSUS!

The Faculty of Social Sciences is offering two doctoral student positions in social resilience. Social resilience can be broadly understood as the ability of groups or communities to withstand and recover from external stresses, such as environmental change or social, economic or political upheaval.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has the following subject areas: Gender studies, Human Ecology, Human Geography, Media and Communication (Strategic communication included), Psychology, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social Work, Sociology of Law, Political Science, Service studies, and Sustainability sciences.

Logistics and Advice on Applying 

  • PhD applications will first be evaluated by an internal process at LUCSUS, and then by a process at the School of Social Sciences, who will make the final decision. Note that only two PhD positions are available across the whole School of Social Sciences, so it is not guaranteed that LUCSUS will be granted a PhD position. Applicants must specify “Sustainability sciences” as their subject area of interest in their introductory letter to be considered at LUCSUS. 
  •  Note that the positions are based in the Agenda 2030 Research School, with the theme Social Resilience. Thus your application should motivate your interest in these areas, and ask and show how you would answer specific research questions that will contribute to building the research field in these areas. 
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Agenda 2030 Research School and the Initiative for social resilience research at S-fac in order to appropriately frame your proposal within the scope of the position.
  • Please read about applying to PhD positions at LUCSUS, including advice for contacting potential supervisors.  
  • Applicants are not required to have identified a potential PhD supervisor at LUCSUS in order to apply for the position. However, if you want to contact a potential supervisor based on shared research interests, you are welcome to do so. Note that a PhD supervisor must have “docent” (reader) status. See the list of LUCSUS staff
  •  Good luck!! 



Applications are due September 30th.
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