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Impact Stories

To highlight the significance of research to contribute societal impact DevRes 2024 gives participating researchers and PhD students the opportunity to present their research and research collaboration in the form of impact cases/stories.

Please observe that the impact case/story does not have to relate to a research project that is already finished but can also relate to an ongoing research project that has had societal impact.  

What to include in the Abstract for your Impact Story (300-350 words):  

Background: Describe the research that is or has been conducted that laid the foundation for the societal impact at focus.  

Impact: Describe the societal impact and how the research has contributed to this impact.  

Main take home message: Describe the key factors of your research output and/or methodology contributing to the societal impact.  

Presenting your Impact Story at DevRes 2024 in Lund  

Once selected to present you can present your impact story in the form of a:  

  • Short film  
  • PowerPoint Presentation  
  • Photo Display with an oral presentation  
  • Roll-up with an oral presentation
  • Poster with an oral presentation

Each presenter gets a maximum of 10 minutes to present their impact story followed by 5 minutes for discussion and questions from the audience.  

Examples of impact stories using short films can be found here: 
Impact story: Building capacity and improving everyday life in sub-Saharan Africa | Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies


Illustration: Freepik, Gstudio

What is an impact case/story and societal impact?

An impact case/story is a way to study, describe and communicate the societal impact of your research, including the process leading there. The impact case/story can take the form of texts and/or short films depending on the purpose of the case/story and its target audience.

There is no universal definition of societal impact, but one often referred to definition is employed by the UK Research Excellence Framework:  

“An effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia.”  

For DevRes 2024 we are looking for impact cases/stories that illustrate how development research is contributing towards the 2030 Agenda in low and middle-income countries.  

Please observe that references to the SDGs do not have to be explicit in the impact story, but it should be obvious to the audience/reader/viewer that the societal impact relates to sustainable development in a low and middle-income country setting.