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Conference on Loss and Damage 2019

Understanding, measuring and governing Loss and Damage for social and ecological systems
LUCSUS organised a conference advancing and exploring L&D from multiple perspectives 30th October - 1st November 2019.

Flooding in a city.

While the proliferation of new papers and initiatives relating to L&D is promising, many challenges remain for the scientific and policy communities. These include how L&D from climate change should be conceptualised, how to measure and quantify existing L&D and predict future L&D, and what governance arrangements are most appropriate for different contexts. 

For example, which approaches to L&D from climate-related events can best account for both economic as well as non-economic impacts, where increasing evidence suggest the latter can be just as significant to individuals and communities ? 

How can climate science, ecological science and sustainability science perspectives be combined to advance L&D theory and practice? And how can L&D from climate events be meaningfully situated within the broader sustainable development agenda, including the SDGs, as highlighted in Article 8 of the Paris Agreement? Is there need for new research to support L&D policy, as new questions emerge that require attention?

The conference explored L&D through five analytical lenses.

  • Defining L&D from a climate change perspective – what do we know?
  • Defining L&D from an ecological perspective – what do we know?
  • Defining L&D from a sustainability perspective – what do we know?
  • Governance and economics of L&D – how do we do it?
  • Policy and practice of L&D on social-ecological systems – how do we do it?

Conference Programme Brochure (PDF)

Media Coverage: 

SVT Nyheter, 30 October 2019: Klimatkonferens i Lund: ”Vill belysa den mörka sidan av debatten”

Skånska dagbladet, 30 October 2019: Samlas och pratar om extremväder

Press release (In swedish)

The conference was funded by the Swedish funding agency Formas.

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The conference was hosted by Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies in partnership with the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC) Lund University, Oxford University, Met Office UK, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Munich Re Foundation and Copenhagen University.

The Conference Scientific Committee

  • Emily Boyd, LUCSUS
  • Chad Boda, LUCSUS
  • Rachel James, Oxford University 
  • Richard Jones, Met Office
  • Richard Walters, Centre for Environmental and Climate Research 

Conference Carbon Footprint

We strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. To this end, many of the presentations took place virtually, and all food served was vegetarian. As far as possible, we adhered to the LUCSUS travel policy.

LUCSUS Travel Policy (PDF)

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