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New research article on perennial agriculture

Hand holding crops. In their recently published paper, Wim Carton and Lennart Olsson argue that perennial polycultures informed by natural ecosystems promise more sustainable agroecosystems – that has the potential to revitalize the economic foundation of farming and hence rural societies. The paper was published together with the Land Institute in Kansas, USA.

"New challenges surrounding land are facing the population" - Emma Johansson sets out on field trip to Cambodia

Farmer in Cambodia. LUCSUS researcher Emma Johansson is currently in Cambodia to study linkages between land, water and food.

Chad Boda: The 9th Summer Institute in Economic Geography: reflections on self-critical disciplinary development 

Monastery Het Pand in Belgium, one of the locations for the Summer Institute in Economic Geography. Chad Boda recently attended the highly competitive 9th Summer School in Economic Geography. This is a brief reflection on his experience.

How municipal climate networks can improve their impact - new research article

German city. Climate networks aim to strengthen municipalities’ efforts to combat climate change. But membership benefits need to be much clearer communicated in order to utilise the networks’ full potential; and should highlight the importance of network membership to drive local climate politics forward, argues researcher Henner Busch.

Conference on loss and damage receives Formas grant

Hurricane LUCSUS Director Emily Boyd has received a grant from Formas to organise an international conference on loss and damage in spring/summer 2019.

Sanitation is more than toilets: informal settlements in India need community based ownership and state action

A locked toilet station in an informal settlement in the Santa Cruz area in Mumbai. – Sanitation is a major challenge in India. It is partly to do with the high population density, there are more people sharing the same space, and a historically higher cultural and religious acceptance of poor sanitation, says Sara Gabrielsson from Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, LUCSUS.

LUCSUS part of new international research project on migration

båt LUCSUS' researchers Lennart Olsson, Anne Jerneck, and Mine Islar will lead a work package in the new research project, Migration Governance and Crises, MAGYC. The project will explore how European policies are influenced by political crises triggered by migration. It gathers 13 partners from different European countries, as well as from Lebanon and Turkey. 

Citizen activist movements can invigorate local politics

Photo: Marc Lozano/CC BY-SA 2.0 (the photo is cropped). By adopting methods used by activist citizen movements, municipal level politics can become more inclusive and even pave the way for sustainable transformations. Mine Islar, from LUCSUSy, has studied the politics of Barcelona en Comú, an activist citizen platform that came to power in the municipality of Barcelona in 2015.

Swedish citizens need more support to handle the effects of climate change

Skyfall Malmö 2014 A changing climate means that citizens will have to take more action to safeguard their lives and property from extreme weather events. At the same time, there are great differences in people’s capacities and resources to do so. In a new PhD dissertation from LUCSUS, researcher Ebba Brink asserts that it is about time that the Swedish climate debate considers the role of individuals also when it comes to the effects of climate change.

Emily Boyd on LUCSUS and the Sustainable Development Goals

LUCSUS and Lund University Staff Holding up the SDG:s – The SDG:s can help us as a sustainability centre to reflect around impact and how we are contributing to the goals. Where does our research sit in this context, and how can we make it more relevant to stakeholders and communities?, says Emily Boyd.

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