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Kick off for LUCSUS new mentorship programme

mentorship mentors Today, on August 21, LUCSUS kicked off its new mentorship programme for researchers with a first meeting between the programme leader Katarina Billing and the mentors. 

Four ways to address challenges of urban solid waste: new policy brief developed for the City of Kisumu in Kenya.

Initiatives such as the Kisumu Waste Actors Network (KIWAN) must be encouraged to ensure the engagement and inclusion of waste collectors, recyclers, community organizations and entrepreneurs. Photo: Michael Oloko. “Better communication between different waste actors is paramount”. LUCSUS researchers present policy brief on how to address challenges linked to urban solid waste management in Kisumu, Kenya.

Guidelines and principles for improved city-citizen cooperation for climate change adaptation

climate adaptation LUCSUS researchers present new guidelines and principles on how to improve climate change adaptation collaboration between, and for, citizens and municipalities.

Segrasses have a hugely important ecological and economic role – new research publication 

Seagrasses A complex web of legislation, a lack of awareness about the benefits of seagrass meadows, and powerful interests all combine to make the governance, protection and maintainance of seagrass meadows difficult according to new research from LUCSUS. Meanwhile segrasses have a hugely important ecological and economic role in maintaining ecosystems and the tourism industry.

LUCSUS kicked off new capacity building programme on ecosystem and biodiversity in Kenya.

land is lift In June, LUCSUS researchers Genesis Yengoh, Sara Gabrielsson and Ann Åkerman kicked off the capacity building programme Land is Life. During two intense weeks, 13 future leaders from Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda participated in i lecturers, field trips, group work and discussions in Kisumu, Kenya. 

LUCSUS at Almedalen

Visby Almedalen At this year's Almedalen, LUCSUS researchers will discuss climate variability and its impact on water, sustainable land use, flying, and the Greta effect on today's youth. Here is the full list of LUCSUS related events taking place in Visby, Gotland. Almedalen is a week long democratic meeting place for seminars and dialogue.

Promoting sustainability in the Swedish craft beer sector through Urban Living Labs

beer lab LUCSUS researchers are developing an Urban Living Lab approach to adress sustainability in the food, water, energy nexus through the case of craft beer sector in Sweden (Scania).

LUCSUS' research on biodiversity: comment on IPBES global assessment report

Fern From despair to transformation: evidence-backed ways to think and act on the nature crisis.

LUCSUS launches new mentorship programme for researchers

mentorship On May 15, LUCSUS successfully kicked off our new mentorship programme for researchers. The purpose of the program is to offer leadership development to selected researchers of the strategic research area Sustainable Development, and to boost career development within academia.

The project DICE: linking climate change and extreme events with inequality

Fire in forest "We are seeing an increase in the intensity of extreme climate events, as well as growing inequality.  There is an urgency to look at the intersections between climate change and parameters such as class, gender, ethnicity and soco-economic background", says Director Emily Boyd.

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