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Right Livelihood College

In 2009, LUCSUS became the Right Livelihood College’s first European partner campus.

Right Livelihood

Established in 1980, Right Livelihood honours and supports courageous people solving global problems. Housed under the umbrella of a foundation, Right Livelihood is a courage-powered community for social change committed to peace, justice and sustainability for all.

Each year, Right Livelihood highlights change-makers through an Award. To date, 186 Laureates from 73 countries have received the distinction. By recognising the actions of brave visionaries and building impactful connections around the world, Right Livelihood boosts urgent and long-term social change.

However, the work of Right Livelihood goes beyond only presenting the Award: they provide these change-makers with life-long support.

Right Livelihood is a megaphone and a shield for the Laureates: raising their profile, providing them protection when their lives and liberty are in danger, and educating people on their innovative solutions.

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The Right Livelihood College

The Right Livelihood College (RLC) is a global capacity-building initiative in partnership with universities. By linking academics and civil society organisations with Right Livelihood Laureates, the College spreads awareness about and further expands the pioneering work of change-makers. The College operates as a global network of campuses and centres hosted by universities. In 2009, LUCSUS became the RLC’s first European partner campus.

Together with RLA Foundation, LUCSUS organises seminars in the Swedish parliament. Parliamentarians, journalists, diplomats, academics and representatives from civil society groups in Sweden discuss different sustainability challenges with RLA Laureates who work with these issues on a daily basis, as well as with researchers from Lund University.  In connection with the yearly Right Livelihood Award ceremony we invite the laureates to give an open lecture in Lund. We also encourage the LUMES students to write their master thesis in connection to the work of different RLA laureates.

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For information about LUCSUS collaboration with the RLA foundation please contact

David O'Byrne
david [dot] obyrne [at] LUCSUS [dot] lu [dot] se (david[dot]obyrne[at]LUCSUS[dot]lu[dot]se)

Ann Åkerman
ann [dot] akerman [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se (ann[dot]akerman[at]lucsus[dot]lu[dot]se)