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New collaboration addresses the human dimension of climate action

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Podcast: What role do mindsets play in sustainability and climate action?

LUCSUS has established new cooperation in the context of the Inner Green Deal Initiative. The aim is to research and support personal qualities and methods that can enable the activation of sustainable climate action. The initiative is a collaboration between LUCSUS and the training company Awaris. The initiative seeks to contribute to the behavioural, social and cultural change that is required to realise climate policy initiatives, such as the European Green Deal. Much focus of such policy initiatives has so far been on technology and other external factors. At the same time, inner human dimensions have received less attention, a shortcoming the cooperation seeks to address.

As part of the cooperation, Awaris will join two large research projects led by Professor Christine Wamsler at LUCSUS, TransVision and Mind4Change. It will contribute through their Inner Green Deal Initiative with facilitating training programs and app-based interventions that involve a broad audience and leaders across Europe.

“The Inner Green Deal Initiative of Awaris is a unique platform for looking into the role of intrinsic qualities in supporting sustainable climate action, and what is needed to enable such qualities. Awaris has vast experience with implementing mindfulness and personal development programmes for European Institutions, and its evidence-based approach and interest makes it a great partner for our research“ says Professor Wamsler.

Liane Stephan, Managing Director of Awaris continues "We have found in Professor Wamsler and her team a partner with unique capabilities in researching the intersection between sustainability, mindsets and mindfulness, including associated cognitive and emotional qualities that we focus on in our work. We feel honoured to partner with Professor Wamsler and are curious to see the results of our collaboration“.

Jeroen Janss, Director of Awaris’ Inner Green Deal Initiative adds, "We partner not only because we complement each other well, but also because we both want to serve a larger purpose: we both desire to contribute to transformative change and understand that this requires both evidence-based work and integrated solutions that are able to support individual, societal and planetary wellbeing. This is what we work towards“.

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Podcast "What role do mindsets play in sustainability and climate action?" with Prof. Wamsler  

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About LUCSUS and its related research

Earlier this year LUCSUS won funding from the Swedish Research Council FORMAS for the two groundbreaking projects TransVision and Mind4Change. The projects will provide new knowledge and critical analyses on the potential interlinkages between personal, practical and political spheres of transformation to support sustainability outcomes. The projects form part of the Contemplative Sustainable Futures Program at LUCSUS. 

Read more about the research projects:

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About Awaris and its Inner Green Deal Initiative

Awaris is a training and leadership development SME headquartered in Germany with a presence across Europe. It delivers 300+ training programs per year serving international organisations in the private and public sector (e.g. Bosch, IKEA, Unilever, HSBC, German and UK Parliament, the European Commission and other EU institutions). All programs are evidence based and many of its programs are mindfulness-informed.

Read more about Awaris on their website

Its Inner Green Deal Initiative offers leadership and community engagement programs based on mindfulness and the latest research and findings in behavioural, social and cultural change. The Initiative also features a Podcast and includes a range of community and social activities.



Christine Wamsler

Christine Wamsler is Professor at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS), Research Fellow at the Centre of Natural Disaster Science (CNDS), Associate of Lund University Centre for Risk Assessment and Management (LUCRAM), and Honorary Fellow of the Global Urbanism Research Group, Global Development Institute (GDI) of the University of Manchester, UK.

Read more about Christine's research and work.

 PODCAST: What role do mindsets play in sustainability and climate action?

The Podcast can be found on Inner Green Deal Episode page and on the main podcast players: 



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