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Our Vision and Objectives

Through engaging research which highlights human stories and experiences, we aim to advance climate governance and action for sustainable development, at all levels of society.

Flagler Beach. Photo: Chad Boda.

DICE - Recasting the disproportionate impacts of climate change extremes, focuses on conceptualizing, measuring and governing L&D, including economic and non-economic forms of impact. The project explores the following research questions:


  • How is L&D conceptualized?
  • What does a global framework for L&D look like?


  • Who is affected by loss and damage, how and why?
  • Where are people affected and at what scale?


  • What are the connections between L&D governance and adaptation governance?
  • How effective are L&D governance mechanisms and can they be scaled up?


DICE has three main objectives.

Expand Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding of L&D
Expand knowledge of climate governance by advancing conceptual understandings of L&D, specifically on the disproportionate impacts on people: who it affects, how and why and at what scale. 

Methodological Innovation 
Explore methodogical innovation in planning processes for sustainable climate transitions. 

Build Capacity and Advance Climate Governance 
Build capacity for the climate change community to engage with research on L&D and transformational challenges, specifically by delivering insights into the potential governance instruments for national engagement and how it differs from adaptation. 

About DICE

DICE is funded by the Swedish funding agency Formas and will run from 2019-2022. 


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About Loss and Damage (L&D)

Loss and Damage has been established under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in addition to adaptation and mitigation to address the impacts of both sudden and slow-onset events relating to climate change, including harm to people and ecosystems caused by floods, hurricanes, sea level rise and desertification in developed and developing countries alike.

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