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Ung SciShop

A collaboration between ARNA and LUCSUS

Ung SciShop is a collaboration between the association ARNA (Art and Nature) and researchers and students at LUCSUS. The project, Ung SciShop, puts children and young people's questions about sustainable development in focus and creates an exchange between primary school children in the surroundings of Vombsjösänkan in Skåne/Sweden and researchers and students at Lund University.

People holding the earth (miniature). Photo
In October, staff from ARNA and staff and students from LUCSUS met with school children from Veberöd and Blentarp.

The project will run between 2021-2024 when Vombsjösänkan (Storkriket) candidates to become a UNESCO biosphere. The goal is to develop a new kind of citizen platform for young people in a biosphere reserve, to contribute to increased knowledge about what research entails and about sustainable development.

What is a Science Shop?

Science shops are a platform for dialogue between universities and civil society. At a science shop, independent research is conducted to help the public and associations solve problems and get answers to questions that concern them and the world around them.
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The association ARNA works through the culture dimension of sustainability in Vombsjösänkan (Storkriket) in the south of Sweden. Their vision is to contribute to innovation in sustainable development by creating bridges between generations' of experiences, science of today and people's visions for the future.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Biosphere reserves contribute to sustainable development by being model areas in support of Agenda 2030. In a biosphere reserve, new methods are tested and new knowledge is sought to provide examples of how we can preserve a natural area while people live there. The biosphere program is based on local commitment to sustainable development with the motto "local solutions on global challenges". There are just over 700 biosphere reserves around the world. In Sweden there are currently seven biosphere's and Vombsjösänkan is running for becoming the eighth.

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Sara Brogaard, Senior lecturer, LUCSUS

Sara [dot] brogaard [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se 

Kerstin Jakobsson, project manager, ARNA

arna [dot] fagelriket [at] gmail [dot] com (arna[dot]fagelriket[at]gmail[dot]com)


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