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Blog post: Hunting can contribute to forest governance

Loretoyacu River in Colombia in March 2019. Photo:Torsten Krause.
Loretoyacu River in Colombia in March 2019. Photo:Torsten Krause.

Hunting has a bad reputation and is rarely considered in forest governance and conservation strategies. But what if, instead, we tried to learn from it? Blog post by researcher Torsten Krause.

In his blog post for The Revelator, Torsten Krause argues that subsistence hunting, and the traditional ecological knowledge that guides and regulates it, must be recognised as a key forest-management strategy.

"Empowering and investing in local hunter groups, providing forest and Indigenous communities with legal and practical tools to manage and benefit from their forests, could shape the practice of sustainable forest resource use while protecting the wildlife and increasing governance cost-efficiency. And that’s why Indigenous hunting should be included in any forest-management strategy."

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