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Impact: Opinion piece in Dagens Nyheter leads to panel debate in Almedalen 2018


LUCSUS researchers Emily Boyd and Christine Wamsler, along with six other experts, recently co-authored an opinion piece on water in Dagens Nyheter. This sparked a number of reactions, not least from the Swedish Minister of Environment, Karolina Skog. It has also lead to a panel debate being organised at Water Forum during Almedalen, the democratic and political week taking place in July 2018 in Visby.

The opinion piece highlights the need to reform current water management and governance in Sweden since the current approach is contributing to increasing risk of flood and drought instead of creating synergies for sustainable development.

Dagens Nyheter: 'Vattenexperter: "Klimatförändring inte enda orsak till översvämning"' published 2018-03-30 (paywall) (in Swedish)


Reactions related to the opinion piece:

Response from the Swedish Minister of Environment, Karolina Skog”Smart satsa på naturens egna lösningar” published in Dagens Nyheter 2018-04-03 (paywall) (in Swedish)

Response from the Swedish Water Association, "Kommentar till miljöministerns replik på DN-debatt den 4 april 2018" (in Swedish)

Panel debate in Almedalen organised by Lund University, Göteborgs kretslopp och vatten and VA Syd - read more at, no information available yet (in Swedish)