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New report analyzes Swedish political parties climate policies prior to the election.

Graph of how the Swedish political parties climate policies score on a scale according to climate researchers. Graph.

A new report written by LUCSUS researchers Kimberly Nicholas and Wim Carton, together with other researchers from the network Researchers' Desk, analyzes the Swedish political parties' climate policies prior to the election. Find out who is listening to the climate science and who is not.

– Climate policy should be evidence-based, fair, & get to the root of problems. Together with eight other researchers from Researchers Desk we have published an assessment of how the Swedish political parties align with science, says LUCSUS researcher Kimberly Nicholas. 

Read the report (In Swedish)

Read an interview about the report with LUCSUS researcher Kimberly Nicholas (In Swedish)

About Kimberly Nicholas

Kimberly Nicholas. Photo.

Kimberly Nicholas is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainability Science at Lund University in Sweden. She studies how to manage natural resources to both support a good life today, and leave a living planet for future generations.

Read more about Kimberly Nicholas

About Wim Carton

Wim Carton, researcher at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.

Wim Carton is a Human Geographer with a background in Development Studies, International Relations and History. His main academic objective is to help understand society-nature relations, and how these are changed and articulated through various sustainability challenges.

Read more about Wim Carton's work and research.