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Wim Carton

Wim Carton

Senior Lecturer, Docent

Wim Carton


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Wim Carton is a Human Geographer with a background in Development Studies, International Relations and History. His main academic objective is to help understand society-nature relations, and how these are changed and articulated through various sustainability challenges. His primary research focus is on the political ecology of climate change mitigation in carbon forestry and agriculture, and related discussions on negative emissions in climate policy.

Research projects

1. Multifunctional perennial farming systems (2017-2021 - Funded by SIDA/VR)

A project on the development and adoption of perennial agricultural systems in Uganda 

2. Negative emissions and the politics of a projected future (2019-2023 - Funded by FORMAS)

A study on the political economy and political performativity of negative emissions used in climate models and science.

3. Trade-offs between negative emissions and near-term emission reductions (2020 - 2023 - Funded by FORMAS)

A project on the risks and tradeoffs with relying on negative emissions and their impacts on conventional mitigation.

4. The (re-)production of green imaginaries through Natural Climate Solutions (2021 - 2025 - Funded by Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond)

An investigation of dominant narratives about 'natural climate solutions'.

5. Burying problems? Imaginaries of carbon capture and storage in Scandinavia (2021 - 2025 - Funded by Energimyndigheten)

A study of sociotechnical imaginaries of carbon capture and storage in Scandinavian energy systems.